Monday, April 30, 2007

20 07 2007

I was typing something about being a money-faced doctor a while ago. But Vico sent me a youtube link that somehow, I was too stupid not to save my writings first that the youtube thing, just somehow being opened in the same window as my blogspot's. BAH. So yea, when I clicked on the "Back" button, it's an empty new page.

Anyway, for those who don't actually understand Mandrin, I'm really sorry about this. The youtube video below is sang in erm, a little bit of Mandrin, Malay, and some Chinese clan's native language. Now, come to think about it, I would just post the entire video up here, but then again, I guess I'll just post the link. A good buddy of mine was saying this singer was caught last week. OMG. Now I don't know if that's true, but I definitely don't want to be accused of NOT being patriotic.

The song is basically a Chinese rap song, with a little bit of the national anthem being inserted here and there. And the singer was singing on some really sensitive stuff that normal people like myself would only keep to our family. I salute his bravery though. Not that I support him or anything. But there are some truths alright. Especially when there's this part about students who go to Chinese Independant school not able to enter local university. Yeah, and he actually had all this University of Malaya logo being incorporated in his video. Anyway, here's the link, I'm NOT commenting anything.

By the way, do you actually noticed today's date? Forget about the 7th of July. My friend from secondary school just messaged me this saying today's teh 20th of July, and well, it took me quite a long time realizing what she was saying. 20.07.2007. Now, wouldn't that be nice... I'm thinking of getting drunk. As in I'll walk straight into a light pole kind of drunk. Not difficult I suppose, although I do have this pit on my cheeks that older people say that means I can really drink. But I can assure you, I never drink. LOL

Anyway, enjoy the weekend!