Monday, August 13, 2007


It's my sister's birtyday on Sunday. I got her a present.
And a very nice wraper too.
We went to TGI Friday at Section 14 Petaling Jaya.
We ordered some food. The apetizer was bad...
The drinks were sour...
But the food was nice.
And, the ice-cream cake was the best I tested.
Sis was happy.
After we went back, I asked her to try on her present. It turned out the sweater didn't really fit, so I went to Mid Valley just now to change another design for her.
Yes, I'm being pretty children with simple sentences today. But I like it simple and short. Especially when it comes to something special like my sis's birthday.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I'm Twisted? NOT!

How evil are you?

I can't resist taking the test while I was browsing through blogs just now. I mean, I came across this test on one of the blogs, where the author was classified as "Evil". Questions are pretty obvious, as in which answer you choose determine how evil you are. But somehow, it just appears that, even when I'm so damn UN-evil and I chose "Comedy" over "Movies of Evil" when asked about what's my type of movie, the website just won't want to settle down with the fact that I'm the slightest bit of evil, and what's more, they came up with a new term that I'm actually TWISTED! Could you even believe that? I mean, look at my post! Which posts indicated that I've had Mr. Jekyll in myself huh? Okay maybe when I cursed a few here and there; or about my GAY SEX fantasies; and that "forbidden love between a man and his handphone" as Paul put it... But all in all... wait a minute... I guess I am TWISTED... LOL. But hey, really, I'm just being nice. I've got straigt readers, and homosexuals as well. I'm just not being homophobic. LOL. But anyway, since I've decided to be TWISTED today, I guess I could carry on being TWISTED then.

Interesting image I captured at the lecture hall after Dr. Tay's Medical Microbiology class. None of the 3 dozed off individuals in the photo are myself. I was the one taking the photo. Call me TWISTED, it seems like I'm the one obsessed with sleeping future doctors lately. LOL. But to be honest, I guess I have somehow TWISTED my circardian rhythm. I sleep at 1.30 a.m. every night, and woke up at 7.10 am every morning. And I don't need any more sleep for the rest of the day. I'm still working towards reducing my sleeping hours, maybe 3 hours per day... who knows, I might finally TWIST my brain so much that I could become a sleepless monster. Wonder what it's like to be then, not needing to sleep and all. I'll have 24 hours per day, as in 24 HOURS per day. I won't need to save up 6 hours per day for sleep, which to the TWISTED me, is just merely a waste of time, although those seriously un-TWISTED scientists and medical peoples have been reporting it's better to have 6 hours of sleep per day for adults. Then, I'll have enough time to make...
I'll stop here. It's a TWISTED post by a TWISTED guy with a TWISTED brain, on a TWISTED mood anyway.