Friday, March 14, 2008

That Travel Plan

There was the Malaysian Airlines Travel Fair roughly about two weeks ago in February. I was itchy with how cheap the tickets were, and were itching to have another country's custom stamp on the passport again. So I was asking around the housemates as to who wanted to go travel after our finals, since we're stuck in KL doing elective anyway. And the first destination that came into my mind was CAMBODIA! *sniggering* Ah well, I love exotic places.

Well, the plan didn't really materialized, since most of the housemates were not interested. YL wasn't interested in cultural and civilization history sites, nor any temples for that matter. ML the gf of course wouldn't be tagging along anymore. IS has some financial problem. CH thought Cambodia is some sick lousy under-developed place. KW said his mum would definitely disagree with the plan, not sure what's the reason; but the gf Shan wanted to follow. KK was the only one still interested. Shan also managed to persuade another female coursemate to travel together. So there were 4 of us.

We didn't get anything from the MAS Travel Fair however, as there's the MATTA Fair coming up in March (yeap, this weekend!). But I was there at KL Convention Centre nevertheless. Lex wanted to see if there's anything interesting. So there we were, elbowing through the crowds. Tickets to Cambodia cost 350 bucks then, the 'Free&Easy Package' of 3 days 2 nights that was.

So anyway, while MATTA Fair is here, I asked the initial group to re-confirm the trip. Somehow, they lost interest. Instead of Cambodia, they were thinking of Perhentian Island, or Redang Island. WTF?! I was disappointed, to be honest. Like uh, I was up and happy to have this destination to look forward to after the finals, and now they say they don't want to go overseas anymore. *blergh* Such a bad thing to do on your friend you know! *pfft*

However, as the weekend's creeping up close, and as I nearly gave up the thought of travelling, what's more that bad experience of travelling alone, I thought the dreams of travelling overseas annually would be shattered. It was only until Wednesday that one of the girls in the batch asked if I still want to go to Cambodia. Somehow the news had been spreading around, and she was asking who and when I'll be going, since she's still thinking . And the fact that there's another 2 guys (Chew and Wang) who wanted to go, I was all excited again! *yipeee*

So we went to Putra World Trade Centre today. Tricked KK into following me there, despite him not going to Cambodia. Both Chew and Wang were not going, and they asked one of the members going to Taiwan for elective to get the pamphlets for them. We did bumped into the Taiwan group there, and they said they haven't been able to get anything on what Chew asked them to. It was then that I know Chew wanted some other informations apart from Cambodia, Bali, Phuket, and who knows what else. *LMAO* Some avid traveller showing up. *sniggering*

Anyway, I managed to get what I wanted. So I shall be sorting out which of those agencies I'll be going with. But the dillema now would be, should I just stick to the one place in Siem Reap? Or should I just take this opportunity to visit Phnom Penh as well? After all I'll be visiting the country, and to say I only step foot in Siem Reap and not Phnom Penh, I couldn't say I'm visiting Cambodia as a whole. So so so so... 4 days 3 nights? or 5 days 4 nights?? Need to discuss with that two...

KK on the other hand, had been such a good friend keeping me company. We came back with so many pamphlets, or rather, visitor guides. He collected those of America, New Zealand & Australia, India and Turkey...

The most interesting part was, when I laughed why he would want too many maps of China and her provinces when he's not travelling there. He replied "Who says I'm not going? Just not now, but will definitely visit China." Ri<em>iiii</em>ght. The MATTA Fair is held every year okay? In the end, we brought home information books and maps on Shandong, Liaoning, Anwei, Xiaxi, Suzhou, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Kaifeng, Kangzhou, Huangshan, Beijing, Shanghai, and the silk road thingy. God knows what we're going to do with all those maps anyway. But I really do heart the 2 postcards that they printed. China is the most generous exibitor in the whole travel fair! *sniggering*

Other than that, we brought home heaps of rubbish. Entrance fee of 3 bucks and we got ourselves a bag each, I have no idea what I could do with it. *LMAO*

Yeaps. So I shall be discussing it with Chew and Wang... Fun fun fun fun fun! *sniggering* Just hopefully they're not pulling out last minute. That would be such an anti-climax. We won't be doing backpacking, we'll be doing trips, so the budget would be quite high, less than 2k, but would be over 1k. Or roughly 1k if we're there for 3 days.

Join us if you wanted, no need to be shy. *grins*